Five Weeks have passed as it was yesterday when we started. …

In week 4 we decided to brush up on our skills. So for that, we chose a common ground or topics in which each of the mentee is comfortable working with.

Our mentor compiled a list of 10 questions for us to work with and asked us to set a…

Agenda of this week was:

Week 3 will be majorly focusing on Scholarships. The opportunities compiled by you in the first week consisted of a lot of scholarships, on which your mentors will be expanding on how to apply to those.

In our first week we created a list of…

In WWCD each week we are provided with different agendas to work with but according to the requirements of mentee the program is kept flexible and can be altered.

Week 2:

Each week we receive email for Women Who Code Delhi regarding the agenda of the week. For this week it was


Women Who Code Delhi initiated ‘The Mentorship Program’ as a platform to connect undergraduate women in STEM fields to women leader in technology with an objective of furthering their professional development, expanding their professional network and gaining support in the field and their workplace.

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My Journey

After Spotting the latest tweet by…

Himani Aggarwal

Pre-Final Year Student, Mentee @ WWCD Mentorship Program 3.0

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